Young Sapna, age 10, from Rewa, Madhya Pradesh dreams of being a teacher one day. And she plays football. And she plays well. “When I first started playing the boys wouldn’t let me. Now they want me in their team.”- she winks. Living in a mofussil she dreams big and the cycle provided to her for school has given her wings. Yet she hopes her father is safe in a faraway city. Rewa being a cement production settlement has had a migrant character forever with high number of HIV cases.

MAMTA, an NGO of repute in collaboration with The Elton John Foundation initiated the Meri Life Meri Choice Campaign (, connecting young boys and girls with awareness on HIV related issues, safe health practices and empowering them with knowledge to make the right choices.

INVERTED COMMAS conceived the entire IEC Campaign that was disseminated to the last post, reaching thousands of young minds in four districts of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, India. We created Posters, wall paintings, interactive comics, board games, toolkits and advocacy materials for the facilitators. It’s heartening to see that the campaign has now been owned by the community, both young adults and parents, and has a life beyond our materials. The creatives have been developed into plays by children that they perform in local functions and their schools. The extension of the narrative that created awareness through dialogue is the biggest success of any social campaign.

INVERTED COMMAS would like to thank once again Rajesh Singh, Vandana Nair, Pankaj Singh, Ghulam H. Khan, Pradip Upadhyay, Archana of MAMTA for their complete support to ensure the success of this campaign.

Comic Card School wall Board GameParents with comic card